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Fallout 3 – Totally Stuck in a Rock

This is my character in Fallout 3 being totally stuck in a rock.

This is also me being really sarcastic about my character being stuck in a rock.

Better still, I demonstrate how to get stuck in a rock all by yourself in your own game of Fallout 3! Yay! Fun for everyone, truly.

The video quality kinda sucks (I was testing out recording, editing, and uploading all from my 3GS and the lighting left something to be desired), but really, this is me stuck in a rock. How much quality do you really need?


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This Week in Gaming – 2-16-09

This Week in Gaming returns! Find out what to buy and (more importantly) what to avoid amongst next week’s releases. Entertaining and informative, both at the same time! Revolutionary!

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So Apparently iPhoto’s Faces Feature Isn’t Perfect

Having just installed iPhoto 09 recently, obviously one of the first things I did was to test out its spiffy new ability to detect faces in your photos. Well, let’s just say that it’s not quite perfect. I’m not saying it doesn’t work at all, but… well, just see for yourself.

Ok, so I’ll give it credit that this Christmas present label Santa is kind of technically a face, at least, but that doesn’t mean it’s not amusing anyway. And yes, in the interest of full disclosure, I did tag another picture of said label Santa before this, so maybe this is actually an endorsement of the feature, not the other way around.

So this picture isn’t exactly one that I would normally be anxious to show off in a public setting, as it shows my apartment’s bathroom after a rather unpleasant plumbing accident. I’ll just leave the details at that. Still, the fact that iPhoto somehow found a face in this thing is more than worth putting this ugly pic on display.

And finally, apparently my family’s Chicago river cruise tour guide from a couple of summers ago resembles a plastic light-up Halloween skull that my roommate and I decided to name Yorick. Almost makes me feel sorry for the guy. I mean, you can’t deny the resemblance.

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Green Dawn 2: Leafy Redemption

So this silly thing is the result of the final project in a class I just completed today.  I had an immense amount of fun making this thing and am quite proud of the way it turned out.

It tells the tale of a hero’s journey, based on the steps of the hero’s journey by one Mr. Joseph Campbell.  It is a fictional story set in the world of Fallout 3.  Our protagonist, however, might not be what you’d consider a typical hero….

Let’s just say we turned the steps of the journey on their head just a bit and had fun with them in a way much more fitting to the world of Fallout 3 than the myths of old told to us by Campbell.  The protagonist is a man who is a hero… in his own mind.  He follows the voices in his head that tell him how best to serve the world and spread purity to its people.

Well, purity or mini-nukes.  What’s the difference, really?

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