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Retro Chic

So apparently someone came up with the idea that it would be pretty cool to see what it would be like if classic games were rereleased many years down the line the same way classic books are now through those wonderful, cheap Penguin editions and such that you probably bought so many of for those high school English classes you loathed. The concept has now had time to germinate somewhat and crafty Interweb denizens the world over have gotten their hands on the concept. Some awesome things have resulted. Take a look at some of them for yourself, I highly recommend it.

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Wallpaper Concoction

There is a particular type of desktop wallpaper that I seem to like very much which is not overly easy to come by on the expansive Interwebs.  Good wallpapers are hard enough to find, much less ones that fit my rather strange tastes.

The particular style in question is that of minimalism.  I like to have wallpapers that are little more than a splash of color and a logo of a favorite band.  Maybe a little bit more if it’s really called for.  It depends on the situation.

What can I say?  I’ve always liked logos.

Needless to say though, most wallpapers, and especially those centered around bands, tend to be overly complicated.  It’s as if the makers are trying to show off their terrific Photoshop skills.  Instead of producing something that one might actually want to, you know, keep on their desktop.

This combined with the fact that I have some rather obscure musical tastes makes this style of wallpaper rather hard to find.

Well, luckily I just happen to have a copy of that little Photoshop program and I know what a couple of the buttons do, so I occasionally like to mess around with it.  As it happens, a minimalistic style requires minimalistic Photoshop skills, which suits me just fine.

There’s no worry of my 133t skillz getting in the way of this image because, quite frankly, there’s little skill involved in making the thing at all.

I might choose to fancy it up a bit in the future, should I see a need and actually learn how, but for now it suits my strange tastes just fine.  A name, a logo, and a couple simple pictures (distorted a bit for effect; hey, I never said it had to be totally boring).

Simple as it may be, I’m rather fond of the thing.  I guess making something yourself tends to do that to you, no matter the medium.

Anyway, I’m off to go logo searching.  I’d like to make a few more of these.  Maybe if I work at it enough I can build up my skills until I can make overproduced, busy trash like the rest of the wallpaper makers out there.

I can dream, can’t I?

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