Brendan T. Smith is currently working toward a Professional Writing degree at The University of Oklahoma.  He is tantalizingly and terrifyingly close to achieving this goal.  Currently he is employed at OUDaily.com where he works as the Online Editor, basically meaning he keeps the site going and articles posted on a day-to-day basis.  His interests are varied (perhaps too much so) and include writing, reading, listening to music, playing far too many video games, and spending time with his beloved iMac.  He has blogged or written for personal web sites on and off for many years, primarily about video games, but has occasionally delved into other topics as well.  He has struggled constantly with the eternal quandry of how to make his ever-present sarcasm come across clearly via the medium of text.  It is a battle he has little hope of winning, but will enjoy continuing for as long as possible.


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